Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The Mosaic Initiative has continued to support the community development work in rural Kenya. In addition to helping with the development of the Buchifi Community Center so that it can be a fully-functional facility (currently, it is providing lunches to local school children 3 times a week), we recently sent some funds to help pay for the rent of an orphan tailoring school in Mumias. We have had a long history with Joel, a young man who lost his parents to AIDS in the 1990s, and he has had to do what he can to take care of his siblings - including a brother who is deaf. His is a story of struggle and survival - always trying to make do.

It is a constant struggle to be of assistance as best we can. We know that we don't want to do for others what they can do for themselves. At the same time, we can make such a difference with so little. Joel's rent is about $60/month for a two room facility. I'm sure many of us, just by cutting back on Starbucks, could cover this. And we are always willing to risk supporting an organization that is trying to help others, such as Joel is doing.

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